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    Cos Tes

    Hello traders,
    finally Friday 😉
    Had some issue with this website earlier today, now we are up and running, ready again for some profitable trading 😎

    Target @ 2732 we spoke about yesterday has now printed:

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    Cos Tes

    2738 is next:

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      That’s great, I earlier thought my internet was crash… double check… even open my VPN… still hold to fire… wait the 2738

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        Cos Tes

        Hello Jacky,
        sorry it was my mistake, was working with website security and installed a firewall that locked us all out.
        Lol… That plugin was too secure, had to uninstall it 😎

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    Hi Cos

    I was bummed this morning when I could not get to your site. Thought maybe you had removed it. Anyway I had asked you last night if you were writing your own scripts for tradeview or do they have them under their pro subscription.

    Thanks again

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      Cos Tes

      Hello ED,
      sorry for late reply… I use a script that you can find on the indicator search option by typing “TD Sequential”.
      It’s free, but I have a pro subscription for real time prices.
      If you wish a pro subscription, please use the following link:

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    Cos Tes

    MEJT afternoon looks quite bullish, but a return to upper reference line on or after escape time is on the cards:
    Trade well 😉

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    Cos, what happened to the TD sell signal. Does that mean anything?

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      Cos Tes

      Hi Vincent,
      the last TD countdown sell signal we got on 4 and 5Hr chart is now recycling completing the TD sequential. I believe we will have a sell off at no. 9 or right after no. 9 is completed (perhaps Monday).

      In addition to the powerful TD-combo no. 13 on Weekly chart!

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    Cos Tes

    And let’s not forget the change in trend forecasted by Mr. Jeffrey Tennant:

    The dates are working pretty well!

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    Cos Tes

    And here we have an additional sell signal completing with the last 4Hr bar: my version of the powerful TD-Combo sell no. 13!
    13 higher close since November 21:

    Monday, we start the downhill move! 😎

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    Let’s pull this down! At least give me 20 points!

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    Cos Tes

    1Hr chart is one bar off from a sell signal:

    So is the 30 min. chart, suggesting an early high on Monday and then….. DOWN!

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    Cos Tes

    Have a nice weekend all 😎

    We have a MEJT target down @ 2733.29 that should print early Monday cash session:

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    Any plan for shorting in mind? Puts SPY? Futures? Will you keep day-trading or swing-trading? I have already started my short position (first tranche) at 2739 in ES. Planning on adding on Monday again.

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      Cos Tes

      Hi, plan to daytrade and scalp as usual.
      I will consider some short ETF from my bank trading plattform if we get a bearish TD flip on the daily chart.
      GL with your short. I think you’ll do well 😉

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