Profiting from accurate trading ideas


Profiting from accurate trading ideas

Profiting from accurate trading ideas

I hope you are all doing well and taking advantage and profiting from accurate trading ideas & gems presented on SP500daytrader forums.
In the current market low volatility and strong bullish sentiment, trading with the trend is the most reasonable and profitable way of trading. This approach can be way more profitable if we also can identify critical price level and anticipate minor corrections in order to turbocharge our profits with an active trading style.
I strongly believe that the trading ideas and comment presented in this blog and forums will make your trading great again, more profitable and enjoyable.

Here follows a typical trading idea that is still ongoing.
Live chart in this link.

Profiting from accurate trading ideas

Click on the image for live chart.

Minor sell off expected for a reloading to new rally by SP500daytrader on

The call for a minor correction was a trading analysis based on a completed TD-countdown and TD-sequential both on 1HR and 4HR chart (as shown in the chart above). It was also correctly predicted a bounce from the green trendline.
The first part of this call is completed as target below was reached and price bounced from the green trendline, as predicted correctly. The ultimate target for this call is the projected price to 2701 SPX… The projection is a TD-trendline based projection on 4HR chart.

Join us in the trading forums and share your valuable ideas and profit from trades ideas like the one posted yesterday (Friday, December 15th, 2017) right before S&P500 closing session.

That trading idea was based on a combination of signals that has a very high success probability, among others the MEJT trading system.

Price projection to MEJT lower reference line

Price projection


Profiting from accurate trading ideas

Target printed


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