Fearless forecast for Monday, September 18th

Hello traders,

Let’s start with a review of today’s action, then we go over to the forecast for Monday the 18th:

I had a bad trading day today (Friday)… my trading is partly reflected in the Combine 150K project

Nevertheless the predicted pattern for today was once again spot on! Awsome!
The forecast was:
The S&P500 cash session pattern for Friday, September 15th has typically an early high with a peak at or around 11:30 am New York time, followed by a weak decline into the afternoon and rally last trading hour.

And this is what we got:

So what can we expect on Monday cash session?
Monday, September 18th will have a typical pattern with a high in the first hour peaking before 10 am New York time.
It will then decline all day into closing bell, resulting typically in a strong down day.

A lower high at around 11:30 is also something to be expected.

Trade well!
Enjoy your weekend…. Cheers…. ;o

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