Fearless forecast for Wednesday, September 20th – S&P500 cash session

Hello traders,
what a boring wishy washi  non event day!

the pattern predicted for today was as follows:
“Tuesday, September 19th should have a typical pattern with an early low, rally into lunch and a peak at around 1 pm New York time.
It should then decline  into closing bell.”

And this is what happened:

So, what can we expect tomorrow?

The expected pattern for tomorrow is the one with an early low (around 9:30 am) rally until 10 am New York time. Then a decline with a low at around 11 am.
From 11 am we rally into closing bell.
(We will probably close unchanged if we open with a gap down and steep decline to 2494 cash during the first hours.)

See you all tomorrow, GN!… ;o

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