S&P 500 cash trading pattern for Wednesday, April 10th 2019

I reviewed the expected trading pattern for cash session tomorrow…. almost always the open is a gap up open price with an early high, a mid of the day low and higher high into closing bell. 

In other words, not safe for bears.. 
Today we got demonstrated that support @ 2880 is strong and will hold also tomorrow…. 

Today’s pattern correspond what was predicted as alternative on yesterday post:

As we had an early low at around 10am… and a low into closing bell.
Notice last 5 minutes trade  how that MEJTtarget printed and acted as support! ;o

Predicted pattern yesterday was:

SPX trading pattern for Tuesday, April 9th / 2019 is expected to be the one with an early low (gap down open ), decline into 10:00 am, rally to a high at 11 / 11:30 am followed by a decline to a low at 1 / 1:30 pm then rally to a higher high into closing bell.

The alternative pattern has a similar pattern to the one described above but with a variant where there is no rally into closing bell but a decline to a lower low into closing bell.


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