Expected trading patterns for Monday, April 15th

Hello traders,

great trading also today, thanks to yesterday forecast regarding today’s pattern we had a big advantage knowing what to expect. The prediction was as follow:
Tomorrow’s pattern is expected to be the one with an early high and a late high.

It tends to be a strong rally day if it opens with a gap up (that is what I expect).”

And this is what we traded today, a strong 12 handles gap  up open with early high and late high :

Expected trading patterns for Monday, April 15th

The chart patterns shown below are valid for Monday’s SP500 cash session trading, all seems to show an early high and late high, usually a wishy-washy day.
My expectation is something more similar to the last chart here below, the one showing an early high followed by a decline to around 1pm and rally to a high at closing bell.
The reason for a bearish sentiment is due to sell signals I see on daily chart.
Have a nice week end ;o

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