#SPX – Expected trading pattern for Thursday, April 25th

Hello traders,

Yesterday’s pattern prediction for today was quite spot on:
Tomorrow’s pattern is the one with an early low and a late low.
From the early low we rally up to a high at around 12 / 12:30 pm. From that high we shold decline into a lower closing price.

And here is what we got: ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ

We did really good at the trader’s chat room today ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ
Join us tomorrow for further profitable trading calls ;o

Expected trading pattern for April 25th

Tomorrow’s pattern is the one with an early low and a late high.
From the early opening low (does not mean we won’t gap up first) we rally up to a high at aroundย 12 / 12:30 pm.ย 
Then a short rally to a high at 1 / 1:30 pm followed by decline to 2:30 / 3 pm so a rally to higher closing price.


7 thoughts on “#SPX – Expected trading pattern for Thursday, April 25th

  • I just think after 4 months non stop rally we should sell at least for a week. NQ is the most unprecedented bull ever with almost 2000 points run in just 120 calendar days. That is not really normal if you look at trajectory for past 20 years.

  • Hello Cos and friends. Here is a very good evaluation by a technician. BUT he says there is room for more upside despite a small correction> We are now 4 months into the rebound off of the Dec. 24, 2018 low, so it is a natural question to wonder if the uptrend is going to continue, or whether instead the major averages are going to stop here at the level of the prior highs. This weekโ€™s chart offers us some useful clues about which answer applies this time.Here is the shortcut version: Gobs of breadth is a good thing.Now here is the longer explanation: When the NYSEโ€™s A-D Line is really strong for a long period, it produces really high readings for the McClellan Oscillator. That in turn pushes up the McClellan Summation Index, which changes each day by the value of the Oscillator, which means that more big positive Oscillator days will help to push up the Summation Index to a high level. This weekโ€™s chart shows the Ratio-Adjusted Summation Index (RASI), which differs from the original classic version in that it factors out the changing numbers of issues traded over time. For a deeper explanation of the math see this article. The basic point which matters right now is that the ability of the RASI to climb up to a nice lofty value conveys an important message. It says that liquidity is plentiful, and that is a condition which is likely to continue for a while longer. A high RASI reading says that there is still more uptrend yet to come. There might be an ordinary, garden-variety correction to help restore equilibrium, but we are not at the end point for the uptrend. Final price highs do not typically arrive with the RASI up above +500. The time to worry is when we are seeing prices moving to new all-time highs but the RASI is down below +500. This is especially important when there is a normal correction which takes the RASI down below +500, and then it fails to climb back above +500 on the ensuing rally. That is a big invitation to trouble.But it is not at all what we are seeing now. The RASI is up at +1005 as of April 24, so it is a long way from decaying down to the point where it would be signaling a problematic loss of liquidity for the stock market. An ordinary correction can still appear at any time, and we have to accept that and be ready for it, but this is not the end of the uptrend. And that is a really nice piece of information to have the market give to us.

  • Hi Prognosis,thank you for your valuable analysis.I'm short DAX (X10 Bear DAX etf) has a good correlation with Nasdaq, risky buisness but I'm confident I will close my short with profits.GL! and thank you.Cos

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