#SPX chart pattern prediction for Friday, April 26th

Hello traders,

Here follows today’s SPX 5 min. chart:

Pattern prediction was as follows:
Tomorrow’s pattern is the one with an early low and a late high.
From the early opening low (does not mean we won’t gap up first) we rally up to a high at around 12 / 12:30 pm
Then a short rally to a high at 1 / 1:30 pm followed by decline to 2:30 / 3 pm so a rally to higher closing price. 

Well… we got that, an early low and a late high (not considering the last 5 min. trading)


SPX chart pattern prediction for Friday, April 26th 

Tomorrow pattern is expected to be the one with an early low  from where we rally to a wishy-washy midday high followed by a decline to a low around 2:30 / 3:00 pm then a rally into closing bell to a lower high. Occasionally the pattern could be the one from an early low to an all day rally ending at higher high.


3 thoughts on “#SPX chart pattern prediction for Friday, April 26th

  • In a normal market it would have been a big big sell day but as we see the force of bullishness is quite visible. I dont know how can we interpret sell in may kind of idea now when its already super high. In past few years they have rallied from around early may but this time if it works it should sell but then may be they will still try take it back up but if we do not see any selling early next week and consequent week it may never sell.

  • Surprise is that vix which is already super low only rose for 2 days and at last hours it became a doji and today its falling like crazy back to lows of 12.60 This means big investors have no fear and they are apparently buying

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