Saros 127 cycle and the stock market

Following my last blog post with the title Bearish Summer Ahead

Today is July 2th 2019 and a solar eclipse is visible in Chile and Argentina.

Solar Eclipse

This eclipse belongs to the Saro 127 and the energy outcome from this astronomic event has previously shaken the markets, like it happened in 1929 and 2001.

Here is an excerpt from what Danny wrote in his article about this matter in 2013:

Solar Saros 127 is also worth mentioning:
*1857: Crash (USA and Europe)
*1893: Crash and depression (USA, Australia and UK)
*1929: Wall Street crash and start of Great Depression
*2001: Market crash and 9/11
The next eclipse in this series will come in July 2019
–> (Today!)

Also interesting to read about the Puetz crash window:

I believe we have som interesting days ahead...

Trade well ;o


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