Saros 127 cycle and the stock market

Following my last blog post with the title Bearish Summer Ahead… Today is July 2th 2019 and a solar eclipse is visible in Chile and Argentina. This eclipse belongs to the Saro 127 and the energy outcome from this astronomic event has previously shaken the markets, like it happened in 1929 and 2001. Here is Read more about Saros 127 cycle and the stock market[…]

Bearish Summer Ahead

The S&P 500 is on worrying triple top pattern and is expected to complete a sell setup following a higher weekly bar close with a higher high above 2964.15. This will result in a double sell signal: TD Countdown sell TD Combo sell This higher close on weekly bar should complete this week starting July Read more about Bearish Summer Ahead[…]

Short #SPX @ 2892 – time is inn for a correction!

Short #SPX In my last blog post from June 3th, I projected a turnaround and sharp rally from the lows: For Monday, I expect a gap down and that we print a target down at 2723, from there we start a rally to a target at 2820 SPX, to be reached in few trading days! Read more about Short #SPX @ 2892 – time is inn for a correction![…]

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